Posted on Jan 13, 2017
Twin Cities Rotary Club annual "Alverson Giving Tree" raised $17,000 to assist some families of Pe Ell during the Christmas season. Including local donations from Walmart, Sunbirds and Safeway, the overall amount raised eclipsed $18,500.


Since 2001, our club has held the annual holiday dinner along with "The Alverson Giving Tree". This is a small Charlie Brown tree we place at the dinner and members will go up during the evening and attach a check or cash to the tree. The funds are tallied at the end of the night and every penny is then used to buy gift cards locally. Months ahead of the event, our club will choose a local town to donate to. Some of our members will make contact with the local school board and ask the school to identify the most needy families. It is at this point that we will meet with school board members before the Christmas holiday and travel out to the many homes identified and surprise these families with gift cards to help them through the holiday season.

One of our fellow Rotarians, Jeff Alverson, was a manager at the local Walmart. Since this events inception, Walmart would donate annually to this cause. Jeff passed away a few years ago and we have renamed this event, "The Alverson Giving Tree". It has been such a hit that other local stores have also begun donating to help our cause. This year, our club members donated over $17,000 and with support of local businesses, we had a total of over $18,500. We donated all of these funds to the needy families identified of Pe Ell. To date we have raised and donated over $139,000.
The county that we live in had a population of just over 75 thousand people in 2010. Our fundraising events usually raise anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. This makes the fact that this event has consistently raised over $10 000 even more outstanding. The members of the Twin Cities Rotary continue to show their support of the community and their Rotarian values shine through in this event specifically. I am humbled and amazed by what they have been able to accomplish.