May 10, 2019
SWWF Manager Tamara Hayes
om: Kelly Sneed <>
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 10:22 AM
To: Marilynn Chintella
Subject: Meeting
To: Chintella, Marilynn []
From: Kelly Sneed []

Hi Marilynn, This year we are celebrating our 110th anniversary at the Southwest Washington Fair and I was hoping I could have one of our Fair Commissioners or the Fair Manager come speak to your organization during one of your meetings in May. We have some fun and exciting things happening at the Fair this year and we also would like to let people know how they can get more involved if they are interested. I see that you meet every Friday at 7 AM at the Holiday Inn Express. Would it be possible to have one of the Fair Commissioners added to your meeting agenda for Friday May 10th? Please let me know so I can have them coordinate their schedules. Thank you so much, Kelly Sneed
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