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Twin Cities Rotary Club Presents Arlington Rotary Club with $10855 Check for
Oso Landslide Relief
The Twin Cities Rotary Club (Chehalis/Centralia) sent their current Club President and 4 Past Club Presidents to the June12 meeting of the Arlington Rotary Club to present a check for $10,855 to the Arlington club to provide a source of long term help as needed to those impacted by the March 22 Oso Landslide.
Arlington Rotary President holds the check and a Twin Cities Banner presented to the Arlington Club by Todd Chaput, Club President and four Past Presidents, from left to right Mike Crouse, Fred Rider, Don Wilson, and Paul Gunn.
President Todd said that when they had a major flood disaster in 2007, they received support from many Rotary clubs to help them provide assistance those impacted most by the flooding.  When they heard about the Oso Landslide they wanted to payback by giving funds to another Rotary club in a disaster zone to help them be able to provide some long term assistance as the other emergency funding.  They started their own funding raising effort with the club matching donations from individuals.  They presented all of the proceeds to the Arlington club because they felt Rotarians best know how and when to use the funds to help.