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LC Juvenile Court Administrator
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Micro Savings and Loan projects
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Sorry to reply so late. In microsavings and loan projects, the funds come from the group's savings and not an outside organization. It's explained here: http://www.vsla.net/aboutus/vslmodel  Groups lend money to each other with a service fee. They do have a high re-payment rate and because of it, return on savings after one year is usually 20%. 


Please remind me, which club are you in? (I had your email on a list with no club mentioned). If you are interested, I would be willing to speak to your club. This project is very exciting because it combines microsavings with other self-help development for poor farmers. And yes, people learn how to handle finances and how to make a successful business out of farming. 

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Mediation Resolution Center
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LC Emergency Managment and 911
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Classification Talk
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